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Floor Map

The Media Center consists of the basement and first floor of Building 14 (Sosokan), the first and second floors of Building 15 (Main Building), and the basement of Building 16 (Annex).

Floor Map

Floor Facilities Materials
Sosokan (14th)
Reception / Circulation Desk, Learning Area, PC Area / Scanner, Lounge, AV Booth Soso Collection, Magazines, Newspapers, New Arrival Books, Atlas
Sosokan (14th)
Study Room, Seminar Room A/B
Main Building (15th)
Reference Desk, Reading Area, PC Area, CD-ROM Library, Learning Support Area, Microfiche Scanner, Copy Room Journals, Learning Support Collection, Books on Japan, Junior and High School Textbooks, Reserved Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Microfiches, Books on Keio, AV Materials
Main Building (15th)
Reading Area, Group Study Room Journals, Books, Doctoral Dissertations, Master's Theses
Annex (16th) Reading Area Journals, Standards, Books (old ed.)

*Mathematics Library is on the fifth floor of the Sosokan (14-535).

The Circulation Desk, located next to the entrance, handles the following services;

  • Borrowing or returning of library materials
  • Application for Study Room
  • Pick up items you requested
  • Registration
Circulation Desk

In the Leaning Area, just in front of the entrance, you can study either alone or in a group.
You can move and arrange furniture as individual desks or tables for group.

Learning Area

About 450 seats are available on the all floors of the Media Center.

reading area reading area Reading Area Reading Area
  • LAN outlets are available for almost every seat on the basement and first floors of the Sosokan, and at the north and south reading areas on the second floor of the Main Building.
  • Wireless LAN/WiFi Service (keiomobile2) covers most area of the Media Center.

The PC Area installs wide desks equipped with PCs connecting to the ITC network. 

PC Area PC Area
  • You need an ITC personal account (ex. ua******) to login the PCs. 
  • An English based PC (Windows) is on the first floor of the Sosokan.
  • A traffic system IC card such as Suica and PASMO or a print card (discontinued) is required for printing. (Click here for details.) IC card charger is in the Copy Room on the first floor of the Main Building.
  • Two scanners are on the first floor of the Sosokan.
  • You may borrow a Blu-ray drive at the Circulation Desk.

Newly arrived books are displayed near the entrance. You may borrow these books just like any other book. The list of New Arrival Books is available on the web site.

New Arrival Books

Soso Collection is for enjoyment and relaxation in your spare time. The collection includes light-reading books such as novels, business books, books on music or arts, travel guides, etc. (Collection items are labeled with an "SS" at the head of their call numbers.) Newspapers and general magazines are available as well.

  • On KOSMOS, the location of the collection will be listed as "New Building SohSoh Collection".
  • Only Yagami Campus affiliates can borrow these books. However, you may NOT return these books at other Media Centers of Keio University.
Soso Library

Video tapes and DVDs of the Media Center may be viewed at the AV Booth located on the north side of the Sosokan's first floor. Please ask for controllers at the Circulation Desk.

AV materials are located on the first floor of the Main Building. The materials with labels "貸出可" are available for loan. Loan period is 14 days long.

AV Booth

The Study Room in the Sosokan basement is open extra hours.
Application must be made before for night and Sunday use. (Click here for details.)

Study Room

On the basement of the Sosokan, there are rooms for group study, meetings, classes, or other purposes. Capacity of 20 persons for Seminar Room A, and 16 persons for Seminar Room B.

Seminar Room A Seminar Room A

Seminar Room B Seminar Room B

  • Service hours: From 8:45AM to 30 minutes before the general closing time. 
  • We begin accepting reservations a month in advance at the Circulation Desk.
    Temporary reservation may be accepted either by telephone or email.
    You can not make more than one reservation at a time.
  • The Seminar Rooms are unavailable during the semester-end-exam period, and one week prior,
    for they are used as study rooms.
  • The applicants must be Yagami Campus affiliates.
    Faculty members, graduate and undergraduates are welcome.

When you have difficulty with finding the items you need, feel free to stop by the Reference Desk on the Main Building's first floor for assistance.(Click here for details)

Service hours: From 8:45AM to 5:00PM (weekdays only)

Reference Desk

CD-ROM Library, located on the first floor of the Main Building,
includes the CD-ROMs such as "Powder Diffraction File (PDF-2)" and a computer to read them.
On KOSMOS, the location of the CD-ROMs will be listed as "CD-ROM Library".

  • Printing is available from the network printer.
  • You may use the CD-ROMs by your own notebook computer.

On the first floor of the Main Building, there are books that helps your language study (including TOEIC/TOEFL textbooks), writing, presentation, and job searching.
Yagami Campus affiliates can borrow these books for 14 days.

There are textbooks for learning Japanese.
If the items have "attached CD available" labels, you can borrow the attached CD-ROMs at the Circulation Desk. Some of the CD-ROMs are for in-library use only.

Books recommended by faculties and textbooks on syllabi are collected as Reserved Books on the Main Building's first floor.
Yagami Campus affiliates can borrow these books for 1 day.

Microfiches (SAE Technical Papers 1970-1997) are located in the cabinet inside the Reference Desk.

To use microfiches, ask for the key of the cabinet at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk, and view them with the microfiche scanner connected to the PC of the CD-ROM Library. You may save the microfiche contents to your USB flash memory or print them out from ITC network printers.
Service hours:
・Person with ITC account: During operating hours of the Media Center
・Persons who do not have ITC account: Ask at the Reference Desk (from 8:45AM to 5:00PM on weekdays)
Printing fee:
・Persons with ITC account: Click here (ITC website)
・Alumni: 30yen / sheet
・Visitors: 55yen / sheet
・Keio University affiliates who do not have ITC account: 10yen / sheet

Photocopy machines and an IC card charger are installed inside the Copy Room. Please click here for more information on photocopy rules.
Also, there are a paper cutter, scissors, and staplers in this room.

The Group Study Room is perfect for discussion. It is equipped with 4 to 6 person sofas, whiteboard, and LAN outlets. No reservation or applications is needed to use the room. You can also rent a projector at the Circulation Desk.

group study room

There are items such as standards, journal back numbers and old edition books on the movable shelves. The Annex has Reading Area, a photocopy machine, and a KOSMOS PC.




  1. No phone calls.
  2. No food and smoking. Drink is permitted only in spill-proof containers. We also have water coolers on the Main Building's first and second floor.
  3. No annoying actions.
  4. Keep an eye on your valuables.
  5. If you perform interviews or join library tours as a part of your reseach, please contact us in advance.
  6. In case of emergency, for you safety, please evacuate as directed by library staffs.

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