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Photocopy Request / InterLibrary Loan of Books / Purchase Request

If the item you want is not held in this library, you can order photocopy, or borrow the item from other universities or institutions. Purchase request welcome also.

Click "Request" on top of the home page of our website.
You will receive the photocopy at the Circulation Desk.

Order To Photocopy Fees Per Sheet, Handling Fee, etc Time Required (Approximate)
Other Keio Libraries B&W: 10 yen ; Color: 50 yen 2-3 Days
Yamanaka Book Depository B&W: 10 yen 2-3 Hours
Waseda University B&W: 20 yen ; Color: 60 yen 3-7 Days
Other Universities B&W: 10-60 yen ;
Color: 50-300 yen +
Handling Fee of
200 yen for 1 Item
4-10 Days
National Diet Library B&W: 24 yen ; Color: 136 yen ;
Microfiche Printing: 30yen +
Packing Fee of 150yen +
Tax + Postage
10 Days
Abroad Depends Depends
  • Fees might change without notice.
  • Some libraries do not provide color photocopies.

You can borrow books from other Keio University libraries except for "Shido Bunko,"  Keio Institute of Oriental Classics). Loan request to other universities and institutions, either in Japan or abroad, is available also.

Journals are not for InterLibrary Loan.  (There are some exceptions though,  such as journal back numbers located in Yamanaka Book Depository). We welcome photocopy request instead.

[From Other Keio University Libraries]

[From Waseda University]

Search Waseda University OPAC (WINE) to see if the item you want is held, and ake a note of the call number.
Rrequest through our online form.

*Some of the Waseda collection are not for InterLibrary Loan.
*The items borrowed from other universities or institutions are for in-library use only

[From Other Universities or Institutions]

Visit Reference Desk.

*Postage and handling fee are charged. 
*The items borrowed from other universities or institutions are for in-library use only

 It is possible to request the library to purchase books or journals to support the academic and research activities of the Faculty of Science and Technology, if the items are not held in our library. You will be notified of the purchase decision by email. It will take some time before you receive the item after request. Please apply well in advance.

You can request through “Purchase Request Form”.

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