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Study Room

The Study Room is located on the basement floor of Sosokan. It is open even after the library has closed.


Monday to Saturday:  8:45am to 12:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm to 8:00pm

*Night use is available after the library's closing time.
*While the libary is closed on Sunday, the Study Room is open as described above.
*During the semester-final-exam period, the Study Room is open for 24 hours, even on Sunday and national holiday.

Application for Night Use

Monday to Saturday: Visit the Circulation Desk during the service hour of the day. 
Sunday: Visit the Circulation Desk in advance. Application is accepted only on weekdays, for the desk is closed on Sunday. 

Procedures and Notices for Night Use

  • Please bring your student ID card to the Circulation Desk, and fill out the application form. You will get an IC card to get into and out of the room. The card is valid only on the day of use.
  • There is an IC-card-operated door for the Study Room. To open the door, use the IC card.
  • When finished, put the IC card to the return box near the exit.
  • You can bring library items that have not been cheked out yet. When leaving, return the items to the book drop near the exit.
  • On Sundays and during the semester-final-exam period, only the students of Science & Technololgy Department are applicable for the Study Room use.
  • On Monday to Saturday, except for the national holidays and the semester-final-exam period, any student of Keio University is welcome.
  • The Room is monitored by the Security Office.

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