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For Alumni


  • The Alumni Library Entry Pass (issued at the Mita, Hiyoshi, Shinanomachi or SFC Media Center) required for admission to the Library. If you have a Keio Card or other ID, please show the card and fill in our entry form at the Circulation Desk.
  • You are allowed only to view or photocopy library items in the building. Borrowing is not available. On contract, alumni are not applicable for using e-resources.
  • The back numbers of journals are partially located in the remote storage called Yamanaka Book Depository in Yamanashi Prefecture. We provide photocopies of the items in Yamanaka Book Depository also. Request in advance is strongly recommended. Please send us email or FAX. If you visit then request by 2:00pm on a weekday, you will get the photocopies on the same day.


  • Please refer to Access for details.  
  • The entrance to the Media Center is on the first floor of the Sosokan East Wing.


Searching Library Items

  • Check our KOSMOS to see if we have the item that interests you. 
  • You can search library items held by all Keio University libraries including Yamanaka Book Depository.

Photocopying Service

  • First fill out a photocopy request form at the Circulation Desk to get a visitor’s copy card. After making the copies yourself, return the card and pay the fee. (You can start photocopying up until 30 minutes before closing time.)
  • Items photocopied at the Media Center may only be used by the person who copied them. Further reproduction for others or for commercial use is prohibited by Japanese copyright law. 


  • Black&White only
  • 30 yen per sheet either by photocopy machine or microfiche printer

Don’ts in Japanese Copyright Law

  • The number of copies shall not exceed one copy per person.
  • As for a book, you shall not copy more than half the number of its total pages.
  • As for journals, you shall not copy the latest issue or the whole articles from a back issue.
  • You shall not copy for commercial use, only for academic and research purposes.
  • No further reproduction or distribution.

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